You have seen it: a four minutes video of only aerial shots is boring. To only have the properties' interiors is limited. We want your Clients to be interested, captivated, and more informed so we propose to do it better, and to cover everything. We propose to direct a Videoclip mixing Aerial footage with the properties' interiors and exteriors videotaped and photographed from the ground. A complement to your sales pitch. An ad-on to your website.


Choose one or more service:

- Videoclips mixing all the Videos, and Photographs shot Aerial and from the ground,

- From the gound Videos of the properties' interiors, and exteriors. Steady-cam, slider, etc.

- From the ground Photographs of the properties' interiors, and exteriors.

- Aerial Videos

- Aerial Photographs.


Note: For the most secure flights, and the best possible video clips, we will follow all FAA new laws in place since August 29, 2016. Learn more here