The new rules for non-hobbyist unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) - Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations - cover a broad spectrum of commercial uses as of August 29, 2016.

The FAA wants all commercial flights to be safe. Follow the rules, and you’re good. Play games, and risk tens of thousands of dollars in fines. The FAA is now asking the public to directly contact law enforcement to report violations. Last month FAA inspectors came to the Apollo XI Model Aircraft Field where we train in Los Angeles, and verified all UAS registrations. Another new rule: you need an FAA Certified PIC (Pilot In Command) in the team. Our pilots are certified, trained, and insured.

We have worked with FAA Inspectors in DC, and California, ATC (Airport Tower Control), Part 107 exam teachers, and specialized lawyers. For our own interest, and for our clients’ sake. For example we need to be five (5) miles away from a Class D Airport or we will need a Waiver/ Authorization from the FAA. It can take up to a couple of weeks, and it will get faster. So, tell us about your projects as early as you can, and we will file the request on the same day.

We attend classes from the FAA Safety Team regarding for example Crew Resource Management. JPS Aerial Video will not get in the FAA crosshair, and we will follow all the directives of its new laws. We go beyond that with additional Protocols to ensure:

  • - Safety,
  • - Legality, and
  • - The best aerial footage possible.