Aerial Videoclips:

- Regular shooting days. Example: every 1-4 months

- Editing after each shooting dates mixed with the previous ones.

- Last editing: main videoclip shows the Progress Construction Aerial Videos over the whole project: 6 months to 5 years or more.



- Same



All the Aerial Videoclips included, with a Documentary composed of:

- Aerial footage,

- Interviews of the Owners, the Architects, the Designers, the Contractors, etc.

- Ground footage (shoulder videocamera),



- Your websites.

- CDROM with HD quality movie.

- App for Androids, and iPhones: watch all the Aerial Videoclips and the Documentary. The App can be given to guests, clients, for promotion on Owner’s websites, and other marketing tools.

- It can be watched at an “Opening Ceremony” or at an “Inauguration”.


- Projection of the Documentary in front of the guests,

- Then Documentary, and main Aerial Videoclip playing in loop on two side screens


Note: For the most secure flights, and the best possible video clips, we will follow all FAA new laws in place since August 29, 2016. Learn more here